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Starting my training in october for x-ray tech

I run a wiki site for the CGI show ReBoot at

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    You wanna be a Psych Tech huh? Thats cool. I'm a Surgical Tech. I'm in San Diego, but heck yeah I've been to Dragon*Con! Next year I'm gonna check out MegaCon in Orlando for the first time. Since I'm in San Diego, I'll be at Comic Con again of course. I am planning to attend D*C in Atlanta again if nothing stops me. Talk to you soon. Happy Holidays!


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    Reply from Guardian:

    Thats cool, I've never been to comic con or megacon, but I would sure like to go. Do you have someone to go with to split the hotel cost with? I've got a few different costumest I'm going to wear to dragon con, and the others if I can get there. good to talk to you.

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    I'm writing to say "whassup doc" cuz I just saw we have something in common. I'm a Navy Corpsman and former Marine.

    Happy Holidays

    HM2 T


    Reply from Guardian:

    Hey, thanks for the comment. Always nice to meet other corpsman. I'm in Nebraska right now, working on transfering to Virginia to train as a psych tech. Do you attend Dragon Con?